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  • World's FIRST
    Introducing: Our new Std Up Pouch made from 100% Omnidegradable (R) PET / Met.PET / Bio-Foil We are the ONLY company in the world that offers this technology.
  • Reduce Your Impact
    Omnidegradable packaging leaves no harmful byproducts behind.
  • NEW!
    After 9 years of trials our newest Innovations are Omnidegradable (R) Biaxially Oriented Polyester (BOPET) & Biaxailly Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP). This allows us to provide Omnidegradable (R) materials to almost every segment of the Packaged Goods industry.
  • Another World's First
    Omnidegradable(R) One Way Valves! For off gassing, Pressure Relief Coffee, Cheeses, Soy, Produce, Microwavable Meals
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    Check out some of our current product examples.

Welcome to TekPak Solutions

TekPak was created to provide intelligent, cost-effective solutions for our customers, that in turn do not affect the future of our planet's delicate ecosystem.

Only Omnidegradable (R) films are Shelf-Stable until they are disposed of in Water, Soil, Landfills, Forests, etc. They do this safely and quickly compared to regular packaging, about 1/100th of the time. Imagine what this means for Landfills, Ocean Gyres of plastics and our environment in general.

Your packaging can be part of the solution or part of the problem. Make the right choice, Omnidegradable (R).from TekPak Solutions.

Our TekPak Products react with microbes in soil or water where they consume the plastics and they revert to their original elements.. We believe we have the only answer for today’s Green Products.

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  • Testimonials

"We use Tekpak Solutions Omnidegradable packaging for our customers who require environmentally conscious packaging. It surpassed our expectations and ultimately our customers as well." - N. Minchillo / Production Manager

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The Facts

  • Developed to reduce the impact of plastics on the Environment.

  • Ground breaking designs and functionality.

  • Competitive pricing to keep your costs in line.