Roll Stock

We make custom printed roll stock film. Any product requiring biaxially oriented polyester or polypropylene is now made using our Omnidegradable® material, meaning we guarantee they are:

  1. Functional – offering the same high barrier protection as traditional plastics
  2. Biodegradable – once placed in the presence of microbes, including regular garden soil, the forest floor or even out in an Ocean, they will degrade into organic nutrients with no harmful by-products.
  3. Affordable –  they are within the same price range as regular plastic roll stock.

Sounds to good to be true?  We understand.  There’s a lot of green washing out there.  For more information, check out this page and if you’d like some third party lab reports, send us an email.

Testimonials & Quotes

“Soon a whole lot of people will know about your omnidegradable packaging… Good stuff. Thanks again for helping us get more pouches in this crunch, and for already putting forth the extra mile as our packaging partner.


“We are fired up about the new custom-printed bags knowing that everywhere you can buy our coffee – it’s like being greeted in a whole new way by a familiar friend. The big leap with this improvement is reducing waste while providing more substance. The new labeling delivers a better picture of the coffee inside the bag, and the biodegradable bag material both protects the freshness and the future. It’s a deeply satisfying improvement for us and our conscientious customers.”


Custom Printed Roll Stock

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