Sustainable Packaging

European Bioplastics hits back at university study

European Bioplastics has said that a study this week into compostable and biodegradable bags was “miseading” as they were being tested for littering. Hasso von […]

Finding the Best Biodegradable Bags Manufacturer

Today we are facing a very serious environmental problem in the form of plastics that are being dumped into the oceans and causing the marine […]

The Best Coffee Bags Manufacturer to Make the Environment Clean

Our environment is changing rapidly with every passing year. More and more plastic is being dumped into the sea, oceans and forests. This is causing […]

Innovators’ Den

Omnidegradable Packaging – The only shelf-stable, fully biodegradable packaging in existence, patent pending, Omnidegradable packaging can biodegrade in any environment in a fraction of the time it […]

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