They remain Shelf-Stable Indefinitely and will Decompose or Biodegrade anywhere there are Microbes ; In or On Soil, Landfills, Forests, Rivers, Lakes and Oceans. Methane is produced in Anaerobic Landfills and captured for use as fuel or heating.

The Zippers are Omnidegradable ® and a Leak Resistant option is available for certain applications.



Our single layer (non-laminated) Bags and Pouches are recyclable.

No laminated product is Recyclable unless it is made with layers of the same materials, such as ; PE / PE or PP / PP. Generally this is not done.

Commercial / Industrial Compostability
There are less than 1% of all communities in North America with a Commercial Compost. There are no trucks coming to pick up industrial compost materials. Therefore, we do not make this claim and to be honest, no one should.

Municipal Compostability
Almost no material will decompose as fast as is required by a majority of municipal composters (in 8 – 12 weeks), however 90% of plastic waste ends up in municipal composts. Therefore, we do not make this claim.

Most of the products claiming “degradability” (like Oxo-Biodegradable products), do so under very strict conditions that are not available to most communities. They are impractical, such as, requiring 6 hours of Direct Sunlight which can only be achieved by hanging your empty bags on a clothes-line for a day. Some require conditions only found in a Commercial Compost which is also not a solution, see above.

Omnidegradable ® products biodegrade almost anywhere with only Microbes. They revert to original elements of Water, CO 2, small amount of Organic Biomass, all beneficial to plant growth.