Today we are facing a very serious environmental problem in the form of plastics that are being dumped into the oceans and causing the marine life to fade away. The major portion of these plastics comes from polythene bags that we normally use to bring groceries home or keep anything in them from clothing to food items and use them as bin liners. These bags are made from a resource that is non-renewable and they don’t “biodegrade”. Instead, they break down into smaller pieces and keep contaminating the environment for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Biodegradable plastic bags are becoming the need of the hour in order to protect our environment and our future generations. These bags take about six months to be decomposed completely by bacteria and fungi and do not pose a threat to our marine life. It is important that companies look for biodegradable bags manufacturer to package their products in such bags and get rid of traditional plastic packaging that is harmful to our planet. The bags are made from plant-based materials like wheat or cornstarch instead of petroleum. The traditional bags we are familiar with are commonly known as petrochemical plastic bags.

When it comes to using bags for carrying shopping items or lining your bin, the best option is to use biodegradable or compostable bags. The same goes for product packaging so that the manufacturers may offer their items in bags that actually biodegrade over time and do not pose a threat to the environment and wildlife. The suppliers of these types of bags offer custom printing facility so that the manufacturers may customize them the way they want. The customers are able to give their own artwork and specify the dimensions as well as other requirements.

Biodegradable bags are available in many different forms including flat pouches and block bottom bags. You can choose the type that suits your business and packaging requirements. It is also possible to order packaging that might not be regarded as “bags”; instead, it is available in the form of plastic bottles, cans and buckets. These containers are commonly used for storing liquids like milk, water, and skincare products. It is possible to manufacture such containers using the biodegradable plastic material that is obtained from plant sources. Whatever your need may be, you can always find a supplier that offers the most affordable and very well designed packaging for your products.

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