Omnidegradable ® Medium Barrier Bags

Stand Up Pouch with a Brown Kraft Outer,
Our 2.0 mil. Omnidegradable ® BioFoil Liner,
And BioZipper Installed.

Available in a 1 – 4 oz. size only.

Width: 4.25″
Height: 6.5″
Gusset: 2″

Construction: Brown Kraft Paper / 2.0 mil. BioFoil

Medium Barrier Brown
Kraft Stand up Pouch

Product Details

Quantity Discounts available:
5,000 or more of the same SKU number = 5% Discount
10,000 or more of the same SKU number = 10% Discount

*Any type of logo or product claims, in affiliation with Tekpak Solutions/Omnidegradable ®/OmniPlanet ®, must be authorized by our company before being applied to packaging from us.

California Labelling Laws

Please be aware that due to California Labelling Laws, the word "degradable” or “compostable" is not permitted, along with any other wording/claims referring to degradation, such as “Omnidegradable”. Should you wish to over-label the packaging where that is present, TekPak Solutions requires a contract to be signed by you. As an option, you can print on your label "Go to ( Insert Your Website ) or use ( for more info on this packaging" and we can help provide compliant verbiage to you.
Failure to comply could cause a lawsuit and/or fines by California against your company, which we want to avoid.